5Star BD180 Firmware & Flash File Spd 6531E

 5Star BD180 Firmware & Flash File Spd 6531E

 5Star BD180 Firmware & Flash File Free Donload

 5Star BD180 Firmware & Flash File Without Password

 5Star BD180 Firmware & Flash File 100% Tested

1.Dual Sim Dual Sandby 1.77 inch QQVGA Display

2.Bluetooth  MP3/MP4 3GP Games

3.Torch Expandable Memory Upto 32GB

1. Power off device
2. Press and hold BootKey or use BootCable
3. Insert cable and battery in device!

Wait for device ...

Device Connected!
BootVersion : SPRD3
BootSource  :  InternalLibrary
BootVersion : Infinity SCR SC6531E Loader v 1.2
Port speed : 921600
FDL Flash  : Control transfered!

Boot Done!

CS0_MEM : SPI : [WINBOND] : W25Q32 : 0x00400000 [ 4MiB ]

Read Flash Ok, Size : 4.00 MiB

Project Version:   SC6531EFM_BAR
MMI Version:       SC6531EFM_BAR
BASE  Version:     BASE_SVN
HW Version:        SC6531EFM_BAR
09-11-2019 10:23:17
LOG Version:      V1.0.1
Saved to : C:\Users\arif\Desktop\New folder\YQ301_HFZN_N2201_BD180_128160_V1.0_20190911.bin

-unzip the Firmware File  7zip or winrar latest Version

-Please chack phone model before Download and Flash.

-Make sure install USB Driver latest  Version your computer

-Our All File Without Password No need Password No need money Jast Download and injoy








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